IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center of Miami Specialists

Our team of laser hair removal, tattoo Removal and other laser treatments specialists will be there for your needs


IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center of Miami is a Doral, Miami based cosmetic and laser treatment center specialized in providing high quality and affordable cosmetic treatments.  No more waxing or shaving those hard to reach areas; introducing the easiest and safest way to remove hair. Our state of the art laser hair removal process makes the removal of hair easy as 1, 2, 3! We understand that the services we provide are not a luxury, but a necessity for lots of people who are seeking to boost their confidence and self-acceptance.

The decision to undergo medical cosmetic and laser treatment in Miami is one that demands attention to detail.  When patients want the best possible results, experience and professionalism matter.  At IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center of Miami, our full line of cosmetic and laser services are backed by years of experience on which our patients can count on. Our experience team of medical cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal, and tattoo laser removal specialists will handle everything for you.

At IdeaLaser Cosmetic Center of Miami, we use only the latest FDA approved equipment and our experienced medical directors and laser specialists follow strict safety procedures to ensure you receive the highest quality care. Furthermore, since our services are a necessity for most people, we ensured that our treatments are accessible to anyone who needs them with different financing and payment options.